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from Notes on Daybreak
  • This lesser-known work of Nietzsche seems to be right on point for me, since it delves into the deep structures of agency and morality. Thanks to Jordan Peacock (of Be Slightly Evil) for the pointer.
from nihilism
  • Modern nihilism is largely a side-product of the success of the Enlightenment. All that rationalism and materialism left a god-shaped hole in the human mind. Nietzsche was the most accurate diagnostician of this ailment, but pretty much everybody is aware of it.
from Accursed Ipsissimosity
  • The objective spirit has increased its scope into many more areas than Nietzsche could have dreamed of, while subjectivity remains something of a scientific and philosophical embarrassment. We know a lot about the brain from the outside, but scientific theories of consciousness almost always fail to deliver on their promise, which is to reconcile the objective scientific view of the self (the outside view) with the experience of subjectivity (the inside view).
from Accursed Ipsissimosity
  • Your vocabulary word of the day is ippsissimosity, a coinage by Nietzsche from the Latin ippsissima, “very own self”:
from Marvin Minsky
  • This clip really echoed with Nietzsche's Notes on Daybreak:
    • In general I think if you put emphasis on believing a set of rules that comes from someone you view as an authority figure then there are terrible dangers...most of the cultures exist because they've taught their people to reject new ideas. It's not human nature, it's culture nature. I regard cultures as huge parasites.
    • Also at 6:10, a bit more on culturally-induced cognitive blindness
    • At 7:40, in the midst of a discussion on how emotions like anger are not separate from rationality but are more like modes of thought:
    • There really isn't anything called rational, everything depends on what goals you have and how you got them...


20 Feb 2021 04:26 - 10 Apr 2021 07:24

    • Only the most important thinker of the 20th century (I think that's fair to say, regardless if you are a fan or think he's pernicious). A dangerous one, because he kind of kicks the props out from under conventional morality, and it's not clear what is to replace it.