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  • Junyu Zhan (Logseq, the most promising of the Roam clones I've checked out)
    • Privacy first
    • Open source
    • Newish plugin architecture
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  • All this hypertext goodness is based on Logseq, a newish note-taking tool which I've recently adopted. It's similar to Roam and was started with Roam, but after a brief fling with that I've decided that I can't use it, and Logseq is the best alternative. Because these new hypertext tools are a bit deficient on publishing tools I rolled my own starting from an existing open source project.


28 Jul 2021 09:27 - 28 Jul 2021 09:27

    • Logseq is an open-source alternative to Roam, and I'm in the process of switching over to it from Roam.
    • My reasons for switching:
      • Logseq stores its data locally rather than in the cloud
      • Logseq is open source (and in Clojure!) so theoretically hackable
      • Roam seems to be run by crazy people, so I don't want to give them money any more, and I don't trust them with my data.
    • Good points

      • See above, plus
      • links do popup previews, pretty zippy
      • If you use the app and store your stuff in a git repo, it does automagic backups
    • Bad points

      • [note: it's different kvetching about Logseq than Roam, because it's open source so I could in theory address any of these points myself if I cared to. See also NextPKM and logseq/issues
      • Logseq uses markdown files as its backing store (It uses a Datascript DB internally, like Roam does, but not as the basis of truth). This has some advantages but it sort of works against some things that Roam does better, like keeping block-level metadata. As it happens I use the edit-time metadata in Roam a lot, eg to produce the recent changes page which is now kind of useless.
      • Can't have more than one open window. This is a major flaw, and I find it hard to believe Electron won't support multiple windows.
        • Partly can compensate by putting auxiliary pages in the sidebar.
      • Search is kind of shit (but at least it tells you the page name of a block, something Roam never managed to get right).
      • Can't print a page (neither could Roam)
      • Can't copy and paste out of it to GDoc etc (Roam can do this)
      • Can't easily spin out a chunk to a new page (neither could Roam)
      • Lacks Roam's easy way to turn Unlinked references into Links (weird omission)