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  • Ted Nelson is a famous computer visionary, best known for coining the word hypertext. He was not the first person to see the huge potential of computers to enhance human thought, but I certainly learned about that from him – his book Computer Lib / Dream Machines was an early influence.

Computer Lib / Dream Machines

29 Mar 2021 08:37 - 08 Jan 2022 10:04

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    • I first got into this as a writer; all I wanted was a decent writing system that would run on a computer. Little did I realize the immensity of what that entailed, or that for some reason my work and approach would engender indignation and anger wherever I went. There is a fiction that everybody in these fields is doing something fundamentally scientific and technical, an d this fiction is usually upheld in carefully enacted mutual playlets. Trying to cut through that and say , "Let's build a home for mankind that will at last be shaped to fit man's mind, " does not seem to generate immediate warmth and welcome.