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  • This is the front page for Agency Made Me Do It, an evolving hypertext document which is trying to be some combination of personal wiki and replacement for my old blog. See About for more explanation.


02 Jan 2021 12:09 - 30 Aug 2021 12:23

    • This is an experiment in hypertext writing. Part of the experiment is that I can't really define or explain it; everything about it is still evolving. I feel a need to preemptively apologize to anyone reading it for not organizing it in a more comprehensible manner. My excuse is that I'm doing this mostly for my own amusement.
    • One result of this is that pages are in varying points on the spectrum between finished coherent essay and rough notes to myself. I've thought about trying to have some kind of visual difference between these, to help manage reader expectations, but for now you are on your own.
    • The first is more or less meant to be read like any other document; the other is more like an open notebook project. Parts of it are essay-like but other parts are collections of rough notes or pointers to content that doesn't exist yet. The two parts are somewhat intertwingled (to use a term of Ted Nelson's)
    • All this hypertext goodness is based on Roam, a newish note-taking tool which I've recently adopted (aka "joined the cult"). I'm pretty resistant to new software tools, since my nervous system is hardwired to Emacs, but Roam managed to convert me and I'm having a blast messing with it.
    • Roam is a bit deficient on publishing tools however (it is aimed more at note-taking), so I rolled my own starting from an existing open source project.
    • As to what this text is actually about or what it is trying to achieve, that's TBD. Here's something I wrote from an earlier project which kind of applies:
      • It seems somewhat shameful to admit that I am not terribly interested in objectivity. Perhaps it would be a sin in any other form of writing – academic papers, journalism, anything claiming to speak with an authoritative voice – but this is a blog, and the whole point of it is that it permits me to write in a personal mode if I feel like it. It would make me happy, I guess, if whatever insights or truths I turn up here are true for other people as well as me, and if they are true for everyone, then objectivity has been achieved. Nice, but not my goal.
    • I see from this old blog post that I have been thinking about doing something like this for over ten years!
    • Here's another way to visualize the content: