AMMDI/An Apology

20 Jun 2022 05:42 - 04 Jul 2022 10:03
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    • This text is constantly feeling a need to apologize for itself, for its unfinished statue, for not sticking to recognized forms, for its structurelessness.
    • In defense:
    • Hui Tzu said to Chuang: I have a big tree, The kind they call a "stinktree." The trunk is so distorted, So full of knots, No one can get a straight plank Out of it. The branches are so crooked You cannot cut them up In any way that makes sense. There it stands beside the road. No carpenter will even look at it. Such is your teaching- Big and useless. Chuang Tzu replied: Have you ever watched the wildcat Crouching, watching his prey— This way it leaps, and that way, High and low, and at last Lands in the trap. But have you seen the yak? Great as a thundercloud He stands in his might. Big? Sure, He can't catch mice! So for your big tree. No use? Then plant it in the wasteland In emptiness. Walk idly around, Rest under its shadow; No axe or bill prepares its end. No one will ever cut it down. Useless? You should worry!